Look Forward To Losing Weight With Proactol XS

Can You Lose Up To 4lbs Per Week by Only Using New and Improved Proactol XS Fat Binder?

Proactol XS is an innovative weight loss supplement made of 100% natural ingredients. It is the perfect solution for you if you have struggled hard to lose weight through intense exercise regimes, diet control and tried various weight loss supplements and experienced no results. Let not the word ‘weight’ frustrate you any longer.

Read on for an unbelievably easy way to shed those extra pounds and those unattractive inches.

The Proactol Protocol

This weight loss supplement performs a dual function. It acts as a fat binder, and binds up to 800 times of dietary fat molecules into gel form, making these non-digestible and hence non-absorbable than its own weight. Unlike other fat binders available on the market, Proactol causes no discomfort and removes fat from the body naturally.

how-does-proactol-xs-workProactol’s second role as an anti-appetite agent is equally important. It lowers the speed of the digestion process, thereby curbing frequent hunger pangs.


Proactol gradually expels extra fat from your body, making you feel lighter, livelier and more confident about yourself than ever. This product reduces your daily calorie intake by around 300 calories, and simultaneously aids digestion and boosts metabolism.


Proactol contains soluble fibres that stop the absorption of cholesterol and glucose into the body, and non-soluble fibres, that bind the fat and convert it into a gel form. The various natural ingredients used in the formulation of Proactol are:

  • Chitosan – Creates a thick gel substance that coats the fats within your stomach, it is then digested and passes through your system naturally, avoiding being absorbed and stored within your body as fat.
  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate – A commonly used ingredient in weight loss products, it ensures that you feel fuller for longer durations and consume lesser calories.
  • Magnesium Stearate – This compound is an extract of vegetable oils and curbs fat absorption in the body.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose – This non-soluble fibre suppresses hunger and hence reduces calorie intake.
  • Silica – It is an important, hunger-regulating mineral in the human body. Its deficiency causes weight gain. Proactol provides required level of Silica needed to control appetite and in turn to lose weight.
  • Povidone – It is a natural anti-bacterial agent that increases good cholesterol in your body.

Who Can Use It?

Proactol XS can be taken by almost anyone, barring pregnant or lactating women, who must consume any drug only after consulting their gynecologist. The organic constituents of this product have been certified as safe by various acclaimed medical boards like the UK Vegetarian Society and France ECocert.

What About Side-effects?

For optimal results, Proactol must be taken strictly according to the instructions of the manufacturer. There are no known side-effects of this product except for minor constipation and bloating reported by certain individuals; these issues subside on their own in no time.

What Do Real People Say About Proactol XS?

“In just over a month I have lost 11lbs which is incredible! This is the first time that I have lost weight like this. I am finally going to reach my ideal weight thanks to Proactol.”
– Sophie, Long Island

“I have alway been self-conscious about my weight and have tried every diet out there. With Proactol, I’m finally confident and everyone is commenting on how different I look.
– Samantha, UK

Featured in Media

micha-barton-and-proactol-xsFeatured in Daily Mail, Mischa Barton claimed to have lost 4 pounds in a week taking Proactol XS. This is proof of the quality of this popular dietary supplement and is evidence of its reputation.

Buy Proactol and Get Goodies Free!

Proactol XS comes with a host of bonuses and can be ordered online.

  • Personal weight management consultant and personalized diet plan
  • Online progress tracking
  • Free Raspberry Ketone that further boosts your weight loss results
  • Free shipping on ordering a 60 and 90 days quota

Besides, Proactol XS is the weight loss supplement that offers 60 day 100% money refund guarantee, making your purchase completely risk-free.


Proactol XS is a clinically tested dietary supplement and fat binder, used by thousands of people just like you globally. Made from organic ingredients, it is completely safe to consume and does not result in any side-effects. It has become extremely popular across the world for its effectiveness and herbal formulation.

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