8 Simple Tricks for Effective Weight Loss

Is this going to be the year you loose weight and keep it off for good? If your answer is a definite “yes” then you are at the right place to find out exactly how.

Most people, who go on weight loss programs begin with great intentions but before long, if the results aren’t good, throw in the towel.

According to the experts, these are the most effective ways of losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations. By setting the bar unrealistically high, you can feel like you’ve failed when you don’t meet your weight loss goals. Make sure you set realistic goals on your weight loss program because it may take a longer duration than you anticipated.
  • Keep a journal. Buy a journal and start recording all the foods you consume and the calories they contain. Knowing you have to write everything down and be honest with yourself will help you to stay on track. Make sure you give yourself a range of calories that you don’t go beyond every day. This is critical to your weight loss success.
  • Choose the right diet. Choose a diet that fits into your lifestyle and make it simple or it may become impossible to sustain. Remember that there is no perfect diet, so make sure you choose a diet that you can live with every day. Make sure your diet permits you to enjoy small portions of your favorite foods.
  • Make healthy living your way of life. Think of your eating plan as a lifestyle and not as a diet. It should not be something you can go “on” and “off” at will.
    • Do not eat mindlessly because this will account for hundreds of extra calories.
    • As you eat, make sure it’s done away from the TV or computer or they’re switched off.
    • Do not pack on the pounds by consuming sweet drinks that fill you up but add no nutritional value.
    • Eat proteins, vegetable and fruits in place of carbohydrates. These are great for late night snacks as they don’t cause a strong rise in insulin.
    • Add salads, fiber and whole grains to your meals. The fiber will keep your digestive system running well while the other two will fill you up.
    • Stock your house with nutritious foods so you always have ingredients for healthy snacks and meals. Carry these everywhere you go so in case you get hungry you will be well prepared.

    Make eating healthy something you will stick to for the rest of your life.

  • Work out. Choose a physical activity you can do for most days of the week. Getting physically active on a regular basis is the right way to effective weight loss. You can join a gym for regular exercise, go for aerobics class or take an everyday swim. If you’re not up to a full routine exercise, you can commit to using the stairs, walking around the parking lot or even doing a few knee bends in the morning. Start gardening, bike riding or even playing tennis. Working out while doing something you love will make it more fun.
  • Stay in the same surroundings. Don’t start your weight loss regime while you’re away from home or the environment you’re used to, it will be hard for you to maintain once you get back. Make changes in your environment so you won’t have to constantly deal with resisting temptations. Remove that candy dish from your office desk and stay off “happy hour” drinks with your friends.
  • Engage those around you. Let your family, friends and colleagues know that you’re going on a weight loss program. This way they will support your weight loss efforts making things easier. By involving those around you, some may offer tips and ideas that will go a long way in helping you in your weight loss regime. Some may even join in on your efforts so you can lose weight together.
  • Focus only on the positive. In case you gain weight after losing it, don’t beat yourself up. Find out what might have led to that and confront it. Learn how to deal with it so it doesn’t happen again in the future. Start each day positively by having a good breakfast or a good work out session. Train your mind to focus on the positive things like how you’re eating right and exercising. Set yourself up for success!

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