Should You Buy Proactol at Walmart?

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Most people would argue that you can find just about any item you could ever need at your local Walmart. The same can also be said for eBay and Amazon, but that doesn’t mean that either of these places are the best place to buy products.

In fact, when you buy some products in traditional retail outlets or from unofficial online sources, you won’t get half the benefits of what they offer, including

  • Customer support
  • Free offers
  • Regular discounts (up to 44% of RRP)
  • Money back guarantees

So, if you are thinking of buying Proactol at Walmart, Walgreens, Tesco or some other type of store, you should think twice.

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Choosing the right diet product can be confusing, in part because we each have all of our own dieting issues. But, if you are someone who is prone to snacking all of the time because of your monstrous appetite, then you will find that Proactol can really help to keep that in check.

In addition, this product will help to make sure that if you still eat fatty foods that you are able to absorb fewer of the calories, which will also help you lose weight.

Do NOT buy Proactol at Walmart!

I believe there are reasons why you might consider NOT buying Proactol from Walmart.

Special Offers

One thing that you will see often mentioned about this product is that if you buy Proactol from retailer (if you can find it there), you will not get the benefits that you would get if you bought it from the official website.

You will NOT get access to exclusive special offers that give you huge discounts. There are frequently “free box” offers, discounted shipping rates, and coupons that are available through the official website. You can’t find this specials anywhere else.


The cost of the original Proactol is standardized by its manufacturer. When you purchase the product in Walmart, the prices may vary depending on the store owner’s decision. Proactol may sometimes be sold at higher prices as they purchase it with distributor’s price and sell it in retail.

No One Answers Your Questions

Another bad thing about purchasing Proactol in Walmart is there is no one there who can stay with you and answer whatever questions you have about the product. Walmart is a huge store with so many costumers and because it is there simply to sell and distribute goods, they cannot probably explain how the product works.

Possibility of Fake Purchase

Proactol XS is so popular and many illegal manufacturers produce it with the use of materials which can be unsafe. In Walmart, which is a very large store, you are not assured that the product you are buying is an authentic one. Most of the time, the product appears exactly the same but you’ll realize that you have been fooled when you cannot feel any of its intended effects.

This may seem trivial, but when you order it online, you will get a variety of products and services, including the 60 day money back guarantee. All of these combined can really help you to get the most out of the product and ensure that you finally reach your weight loss goals.

Why purchase at official Proactol website?

Although you might find Proactol at Walmart, the benefits just aren’t there:

1. FREE Bonuses – When you go online and DO purchase through the official website and not at Walmart, you will see that when you buy 2 bottles, for instance, you will get:

  • 3rd bottle FREE <<<
  • Standard diet plan
  • Online progress tracking
  • Personal weight management consultant and personalized diet plan (for 60 days order)
  • Free Raspberry Ketone (for 2 bottles order)
  • FREE Shipping (on every order)buy-proactol-xs

When you buy Proactol XS at any other unofficial source, you just won’t get anything like that.

2. Money Back Guarantee – One of the reasons so many people choose to try Proactol over other slimming pills is that it comes with a money back guarantee that states in effect, that you can try the pill and if you haven’t noticed results within 60 days you are free to return it.

That’s a two month period where you can try it out with no risk. It gives you the peace of mind to know that whatever happens, you won’t be paying money for nothing. At Walmart, because you’re buying from an actual store and not the company that makes Proactol XS… you DO NOT have this guarantee.

3. Coupon Codes – The official Proactol XS website currently have a three one coupon code available where you can get an additional discounts.

PRIV5 (5% off) is valid for all the packages
EXPIR1 (7% off) is valid for 2, 3 & 4 months supply packages
PROAC8 (8% OFF) is valid for 4 & 5 months supply
SUMMER2015(20% OFF)
BN10(10% OFF) is valid for all packages <<<

WARNING: For safety reasons I recommend that you only buy from the official website because you are protected by huge 60 days money back guarantee, PLUS there is free shipping included in 60 & 90 days order as well.

Buying from Walmart may not be a good idea, not if you want the 100% money back guarantee. Plus the special offer I talked about is only available at the official site where you can visit through the link I have provided below…


I hope this has provided some helpful insights and saved you some money. Just remember the numerous advantages that there are by making sure that you buy Proactol XS from the official website, and you will be well on your way to finally reaching your fitness goals and losing all of that extra weight in a safe and easy way.

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