7 Secrets for Detoxing Your Body

detox your body

If you are feeling tired, cranky or sluggish, it may just be those gunky toxins building up in your body. We are exposed to thousands if not millions of toxins every day.

Our air, water, food, apparel and our houses and buildings all have some form of toxin. It was either melted in, sprayed on, baked in, dyed in, fed to or mixed in to almost everything we come into contact with on a daily basis.

By doing a detox for our body and health, we will be able to give our immune system a jump start and keep it in good shape.

Why Is A Detox Good For You?

Our body’s natural ability does a lot to rid our bodies of toxins, the immune system steps in and helps fight off the enemies invading our systems. However, if our delicate balance gets off for reasons of stress, foods, inactivity, smoking, drinking or recent illness, our body needs some extra help.

This is where a detox will help your body get back in shape. Back to a healthy one that is constantly working, around the clock, to keep us from diseases and other ailments.

By incorporating the following seven recommendations into your monthly or daily routines, you will be aiding your body to keep you healthy.

1. Drink Water

No surprise here, most of us have heard that drinking enough water every day is very important. Some of us have reasonable excuses that involve not liking the taste, not having the time or not remembering to drink. Drinking water is like anything else, you put effort into making it a habit and soon it will be second nature.

Find out what you really prefer, are you a glass drinker, a bottle drinker or is a straw more your thing? Once you do this, then make sure there is a drink handy by your workbench, office desk or in your car.

Our bodies are made of about 70 percent water, when we replace that with sugary sodas or drinks with caffeine we are dehydrating ourselves without knowing it.

2. Get More Vitamin C

No, it is not just for colds anymore! Vitamin C does so many great things for our bodies including powering our immune system, and some studies show even having an effect on some cancers.

You can get more vitamin C in your diet by taking supplements, and by adding citrus fruits in your detox flush. When they are eaten, it will help the liver more easily get rid of toxins.

3. Do a Healthy Fast

There are many types of fasts that people will do. Some will just eat two meals a day, while others will only drink water for days or weeks. Doing a healthy fast will be one that your doctor recommends for you personally.

The goal of a fast is to allow your body time to rest from constant digestive and other body functions, so it can concentrate on getting the toxins flushed out of the body.

4. Switch Green Tea for Coffee

Since our bodies are made up of almost three-fourths water, replacing this water with beverages full of caffeine, actually dehydrates you. If green tea is substituted for coffee, it has amazing cleansing, antioxidant and detoxing properties. It will still give you caffeine, but only half as much.

5. Cleansing Drinks and Detox Smoothies

Your juice drinks and smoothies should have ingredients that you really like as well as detox ingredients. Once you get used to these delicious drinks and smoothies, start researching what different fruits and vegetables provide for you.

For instance ginger has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, while lemon is good to aid the liver in flushing out toxins. Coconut has many healing and restorative properties and cilantro has the ability to remove heavy metal toxins from the body. So explore the world of juices and smoothies, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Brush Your Skin

No argument here, this sounds a bit strange. However, remembering that our skin is our largest organ makes sense to help it shed and rejuvenate. Dry brushing your skin not only regenerates it but will accelerate the detox process.

This will also remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and helps the function of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of the most important filters in our body, and a frontline on the defense of diseases.

7. Exercise

Exercise can be a very personal experience, running, biking, aerobics and yoga are just a few. The best exercise to do during a detox cleanse is yoga, known for its relaxing moves and positions. Detoxing and de-stressing is your main goal with a cleanse. So select the best exercise for you, one that relaxes you, makes you sweat and moves your body to rid it of all the bad and unwanted toxins.

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