14 Fast Fat Burning Foods

healthy dietWhen most people diet, they think of foods like salads, celery and water, basically a diet fit for a rabbit. But when we look closer at foods, and how they work in our bodies, some amazing things can happen with foods you weren’t expecting to see in a diet.

Most of us want to burn fat, starving our bodies of fat has been the way most diets worked. However, we now know that some foods, that are high in fats, will actually help us burn more fat. Understanding the reactions, that some foods have in our bodies, may be an eye opener.

What Is A Negative Calorie Food?

Simply, food with negative calories is a food that will cost our bodies more in calories than what the food contains. Some have thought that celery was the only food that could claim that label, however, there are many more and they may be in your favorite food list. Foods like grapefruit and quinoa also proudly wear the label of negative calorie food.

The following will list fourteen of these amazing foods, either negative calorie foods, or foods that burn fat and build muscle.

  1. Egg Whites

This little unpretentious partner to the egg yolk, is one of the best kept secrets to building muscle. Egg whites are full of protein and have no fat. When consumed, our body uses the protein to build muscle, the protein that our body does not use is not stored as fat, but efficiently eliminated by digestion.

  1. Fish and The PUFAs

The PUFAs or polyunsaturated fatty acids, found in tuna and wild salmon will actually stimulate weight loss. On an all fish diet you would eventually have no body fat and would have to supplement your diet. This amazing food will boost the metabolism and any unused protein will eliminate from your body without any to store as fat.

  1. Avocados And Their MUFAs

avocadoMUFAs are monounsaturated fatty acids which are revered for their excellent health benefits. This food will actually increase your good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol. The MUFAs also mean that you can eat less of this food and feel full more quickly than with other foods.

  1. Lean Meats

No a real surprise here, the excellent protein will give you vital nutrients and give you a full feeling when eating it. Some say the rule of thumb here is to remember the darker the meat the fattier the meat. But read your labels to find which in your selection has the leanest fat content.

  1. Legumes, Lentils and Beans

This excellent source of fiber has been linked to smaller waistlines according to a recent study. The fiber is what makes you feel fuller more quickly than with other foods. Of course, if you eat beans that are cooked with added fat, then the fiber may be outweighed by the fat.

  1. Low-Fat Dairy

A good source of low-fat protein, taken after a workout will aid in muscle growth and step-up your metabolism. Remember, a stronger metabolism means you will be burning fat long after your workout.

  1. Almonds and Nuts

These awesome little guys do good things to your good cholesterol levels, are low in calories and high in protein. A recent study found that those that ate a little over 43 grams a day did not gain weight during the study.

  1. Brown Rice

brown riceBrown rice is the better choice for rice, it contains more fiber and nutrition and is a whole grain. A recent study shows that those that include whole grains in their diets lost more weight than those on the same diet without.

  1. Oatmeal

Here is another low-fat and high fiber helper of diets and bringer of good health, and it boosts your metabolism.

  1. Quinoa

This is one of the amazing negative calorie foods. The fiber in quinoa is what makes it a negative calorie food. It makes you feel full longer and faster and has a low glycemic index which means it won’t spike your blood sugar.

  1. Chia Seeds

This underrated little seed has had a bad rap growing on a ceramic pet head. It was originally cultivated by the Aztecs and gave strength to their warriors in battle. Today we are just starting to realize how good it is for us because it is full of the important omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Grapefruit

This yummy fruit is a negative calorie food that is high in soluble fiber, and low calories.

  1. Hot Peppers

hot chili peppersNot only are they low in calories, but the capsaicin in the hot pepper heats up your body and helps you burn more calories. At the same time it boosts your metabolism, sprinkle it on everything.

  1. Berries

They are a great source of fiber and the sweetness helps with sugar cravings.

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